Automagically connect things with KDE Connect

First contact with KDE

Traveling through Linux distributions I met KDE for the first time through FerenOS, where I met a couple of nice things, including KDE Connect that later became my daily routine that I don’t think about.

What is KDE Connect

Kde Connect is an ideal way to connect your phones, computers and anythink connectable to WiFi or Bluetooth to one functional unit that works as a single device. In case you use anything that has an operating system, enough RAM and Bluetooth or WiFi it probably supports KDE Connect, so it can help people accustomed to the Apple ecosystem, as well as people who are not used to such a level of device attachment at all.

This wonderful piece of software allows you to have your own local net of devices around you, to control any device from any other, or control every other from just one device, and that others cannot do the same if you don’t want, to get all the notifications you want from all your devices only in the place you want, to control entertainment content, enter text remotely, share files, almost anything that can come to mind and everything in your own bubble.

Why KDE Connect

From the prolonged use of KDE Connect, I stopped thinking about whether I was using it or not, it is simply present in my daily use of the device and does not require attachment or reflection on how what to use, simply, if I receive a call, the content I watch or listen to is automagically paused, if I copy something on the computer, it is perfectly normal for me to be able to paste it from any connected device, and turning screens off at night on my computer does not require getting out of the warm bed, just a click on the phone is enough. When I leave a laptop in a cafe while going to the toilet I don’t have to worry and hurry if I locked the laptop, I simply lock it on the way to the toilet from the phone, really a new good that is easy to get used to.

Of course, like everything KDE Connect has its drawbacks, it would be more than nice to be able to stream the contents of a window to other devices, and to watch, say pdf files, from other devices directly on the phone without downloading them, also, it would be welcome to have the option for phones we can lock to lock or unlock some or all of the other devices just by some gesture with phone or watch or have a solution for say wake-on-lan or waking the device from sleep mode via other devices, but even as is, KDE Connect is one of the best tools I can recommend to anyone, especially since it is very well integrated with browsers like Vivaldi.


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