Littlebit about Experience with Vivaldi

black and gray electronic device

How I found about Vivaldi?

As a distrohopper, it is quite easy for the idea of changing the browser weekly to come to mind. First, by the nature of my use of computers, I switched from Safari to Firefox, and the rest is the history that reached me to FerenOS and Vivaldi.

Vivaldi then looked only like any other Opera-like, then i’m returned to Linux Mint again, to get the idea that I would still try Vivaldi again shortly afterwards, which I did. Very quickly I replaced Safari with Vivaldi on my iMac, then default browsers on laptops, and then DuckDuckGo on the phone as well, so due to the discovery of Vivaldi I stopped changing browsers, not only weekly or monthly, but I just installed Vivaldi first and went on.

Great tool, better friend

It is natural for me to view everything I use as a tool, as well as search engines, browsers and operating systems. I use whatever falls under my fingers, but I always keep aside the one I trust the most, in this case it’s Vivaldi. With a very high level of adaptability, it is easy to make it according to your desire and to anyone, we all have different habits, so we all obviously ask for different things from our tools, but Vivaldi is a tool that anyone can set up just the way they want, can be used as the simplest browser that exists, or as a complicated set of tools for almost everything, after all, today, the browser is for most of it once and the only way to use the computer, the operating system became irrelevant, but a good browser was never more important then now.


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